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His name is Muzzammil Hassan

Posted in Uncategorized by ephebophile on January 20, 2010

0. His name is  Muzzammil Syed Hassan

1. Hassan is muslim.

2. He came to the United States from Pakistan at age 17

3. He graduated magna cum laude at the University of Rochester in 1996

4. Hassan was served with divorce papers. (this would have been his third divorce)

5. A week later his wife’s body was stabbed and decapitated 2/12/2010.

6.  He walks  into a police station and tells officers his wife “Aasiya Zubair” was dead. (at 6:30 pm the same day)

7. Hassan was arrested, after he led the police to her body from the police station.

8. This horrible event is going to be repeated, more and more often as Feminists marry and then piss off muslim men.


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  1. AnonyPoet said, on February 28, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Here’s a poem I wrote for the deceased (she was born within a few months of me). I don’t like it very much but it is apropos:


    You could have been my little sister
    We could have collected feathers and speculated
    As to what sort of bird had produced them

    You could have told me where to put the dollar signs in the little spreadsheet formulae
    It was to you I should have gasped
    “Oh, is that all? It’s so simple!”
    A little table with accurate numbers
    Or little drop-down menus that worked
    A monument to classmatehood

    You could have been my next-door neighbor
    I wonder where she is from
    Looks Middle Eastern?
    Oh, but that is too vague.
    If I ask her where she is from
    And she tells me
    I will know something about her
    And she about me

    I know little of your country
    I don’t know the answer to most important question:
    In your country, who protects the women who are suddenly all alone?

    In this country, when you marry someone
    And he turns out to be a wife-beater
    (There’s a shirt called that here. Forgive us our strangeness!)
    And it turns out he harbors enough hatred to fill a bay
    Or if he loves only himself
    And cares about nothing except broadcasting his greatness to the gullible world
    Your girlfriends will ALL tell you to show HIM the DOOR
    They’ll tell you about something we call DIVORCE
    They’ll tell you all about something we call STARTING OVER IN THE DATING WORLD

    I know little of my country
    I don’t know the answer to most important question:
    In my country, who protects the women who are suddenly all alone?

  2. ephebophile said, on May 16, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    nice poem.. I wear “wife-beaters”.

    I think that women need a shirt called a “Golddigger”

    Yet Adam and Eve were naked, til they decided to sew items of Flora together…
    then God pissed of PETA, by killing animals and using their skins to make real clothing.

    I wonder who had it best… Us or A&E.

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