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Been on a break…

Posted in Uncategorized by ephebophile on February 22, 2010


I moved from Dallas down to San Antonio, expect traffic delays in the outbound lanes.


Resuming service momentarily.


The Alamo

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  1. Breeze said, on March 24, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    I just found your blog and consider you an interesting person with a unique perspective in this estrogen-drenched modern society. Keep up the good work.

    • ephebophile said, on May 16, 2010 at 11:44 pm


      I was hung up with life’s challenges (deaths in the family & another move) and have been absent without leave from my blog.

      Please, expect new content forthwith.

  2. Mopenhauer said, on May 16, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Are women biologically programmed to reward cruelty, evil and domination?
    Of course any complaints that girls go for bad boys and jerks instantly labels one a nice guy beta males. To the extent that it is possible, I actually consider myself somewhat of an impartial outside observer. I was an omega jerk in JR and high school, and to an extent my whole psycho personality, worked and I had girls literally chasing me. A lot of it might have been self-delusion but some measures were objective. After that I was in nearly complete isolation in college. So I’ve never played the role of the bitter nice guy. I have NEVER done anything nice for a girl or anyone my entire life! So I think I have some claim to impartiality, and my position that my deep depression and heart anguish is purely on a metaphysical level.

    I read a lot of PUA seduction Game literature. At first my logic was it pays to learn all tools of rhetoric, persuasion and oratory even if I intended to put it to different uses than PUA.

    Anyway to put it at its simplest. In cavemen times women were just plaything rape slaves for the strongest ape. And that is what evolutionary psychology in chimpanzee and gorilla behavior proves. Now there might have been some brave women who defended their freedom to the death, but their selfish genes were lost to history. And the genes that all modern women have inherited is those who submit to the cruelest caveman with biggest club.

    I don’t know for me it is pretty hellish to live in a world where all men are sadists and all women are masochists.

    According to PUA science male physical attractiveness barely matters at all, the only thing women find attractive is brute domination and sadism.

    For the last year I’ve completely cut myself off from humanity. Who wants to live in a world of pure evil? Only evil is rewarded! Cruelty is the only virtue. What good is morality and ethics?

    So I’d like an outside opinion do you feel that women are biologically programmed to reward cruelty, evil and domination?

    Does the dating world going back to the new paleolithic age make life worthless?
    Murdoch’s theoretical journal which is the official ideology of America and thus the entire world has endorsed the evopsych worldview: The New Dating Game | The Weekly Standard

    Now I’m sure no one will believe me, but this is NOT about me being a single virgin loser guy who can’t get a date. More its about what kind of world we live in where evil is always rewarded. I can’t live in a universe like that. Why bother to get a job and support oneself and live in brutal ruthless dog eat dog world of evil? My parents are going to throw me out in August since I wont get a job or school.

    Its true I’ve always been kind of an anti-sexual puritan but evopsych just makes it more vicious.

    I feel nothing for disgust for humanity. But thats what the Darwinian struggle for existence. Brutality is the only virtue. I’m what the Nazis would call life unworthy of life. Even if your content to be a lifelong virgin girls rewarding “bad boy” traits still affects the world you live in. I could not be more repulsed by humanity which is why I have cut myself off in complete isolation for nearly a year now.

    I don’t understand how the rest of humanity can endure such a world and assume its because they must ALL be blood-thirsty vampires themselves.

    Although why glorify women as the victims? According to evopsych even when given freedom they will reward cruelty.

    So there are no victims in this monstrous world just wolves eating wolves.

    How do you endure this world? And what is your advice for me?

    The Darwinian-Nietzschean struggle for existence means eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, harm or be harmed. I wish simply to neither dominate nor be dominated. But that is far too much to ask in this world on both counts.

    Well in essence this IS about relationships. That is where evolutionary psychology is most obvious in daily life. While it is true I have no human relations, I’m still affected by the sexual stock market, the same way someone who owns no stock can be ruined by a crash.

    Psychologists are humans like the rest of us, driven by the reptilian urges for sex and power and domination. There career choice is just there way of gaining domination in the Darwinian game. So I don’t see therapists as some elite priestly caste free from evopsych. I don’t want to be “fixed” into better being able to play the evolutionary game.

    Since everyone here accepts the basic premises of evopsych, I ask how do YOU folks deal with it? Or do you all just accept the game, and try to be the winner? IF thats the case, then maybe your right and there can not be any dialogue between me and humanity.

    I have not harmed anyone, except maybe my parents. My dad says I should be “altrusitic” and recover for my mom’s sake.

    First off my parents committed a massive injustice on me by bringing me into this cruel world just to satisfy that monster gene- Moloch.

    Second them keeping me alive, is just their genes following their selfish interest to reproduce. I represent a major investment in their genes survival. My fall means a major decrease in their genese reproducing. So that is all there is to their so-called generosity to me. The longer they keep me fed, the longer the opportunity there is for me to pass their genes on. Granted thats a pretty miniscule chance for grandkids hiding and crying in the basement, but its higher than the chances if I starved on the street.

    So what gratitude should I have to the selfish gene? The “altruism” in feeding and housing me is just the flip side of the selfishness of birthing me into an incredibly hellish universe.

    Humanity wants to drive itself off a cliff. I listed my objections. Much wiser men than me have listed them in thick textbooks. Humanity wont listen to the wise men and certainly not to me. So fine. I have said my peace. Let humanity drive off the cliff, but I want no part in the adventure.

    What good would having a girlfriend do me? Is the chimpanzee in me supposed to rejoice that as low as I may be in the hierarchy, I still have someone below me who I can hurt, torment, dominate and abuse?

    I have no problem being driven out of the sexual marketplace. The problem is what “service” are we competing for? And it seems in the sexual market it is who can be the most brutal and cruel. Evopsych says getting a girlfriend comes down to demonstrating cruelty, domination, brutality, and sadism.

    That is all I see in male-female relations and PUa science backs up my personal observations.

  3. ephebophile said, on May 17, 2010 at 6:02 am


    Your name makes me think your letter is a troll… but I will extend benefit of the doubt and take your writings at face value. Call it “uncommon courtesy” in the name of treating others the way I would prefer to be treated.

    I have read, reread, contemplated and considered… and now I will selectively respond to your comments.

    You asked:
    “Are women biologically programmed to reward cruelty, evil and domination?”

    If you call the sinful nature inherent in a fallen humanity “biological programing” then Yes. Are all women stuck in a mode of executing this programing? No.
    Can you find women who are Type 2, instead of Type 1? Yes.

    You honestly believe the crap that you were taught about being descended from Apes? Because of Darwin’s Origin of the Species? Then you need to further your studies of Darwin and read “the Descent of Man” furthermore, you need to understand his deathbed recantation of the theory of evolution was a real event.
    Your writing is full of secular humanist thought. It is a primary cause of the suffering you are undergoing. Your worldview’s flaws give rise to the agony you are experiencing. The only logical conclusion to your desire to not procreate (genetic suicide) is actual suicide. You should die now. Or Evolve your knowledge and understanding beyond your current limited perspective and inculcated belief system.

    I think its a good thing that you are being kicked from the cradle of your parent’s home. Why?
    Because you are doing yourself a disservice by remaining in the womb of your nuclear family structure. Do you want to remain a cripple your whole life?

    No great tree ever stood in the shadow of its progenitors. To become a real man you should seek out the empowering experience of standing on your own two feet. Slacking is for losers. But don’t sink into becoming a homeless bum, find your own way, find a form of productive achievement that isn’t demeaning to yourself. (no McJobs)

    You Ask”
    “What good is morality and ethics?”

    The only good that may come from morality and ethics is the ability to wake up, and look yourself in the mirror and see that you are worthy of living today and not to be filled with self-hatred and loathing for being a monster. Morality give one dignity, dignity allows one to function.

    Moral relativism is a lie that demeans one’s quality of life. There are real absolutes, Right and Wrong… don’t let a fool headed philosopher tell you otherwise… most likely his revelations came out of a bottle of wine or other intoxicating drink. Would you take advice from a drunk bum who hadn’t showered in a week? If you have any common sense, You would Not.

    Living with an understanding of practical morality is real wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to discern the differences between things.

    A foolish woman says “I believe every one should be treated the same” But does her conviction carry any weight? Does she make breakfast for her next door neighbor’s husband as well as her own? No… She wouldn’t. Her word’s and her actions are not the same. She is wise enough not to act on her proclaimed foolish beliefs.

    You Ask:
    “How do you endure this world? And what is your advice for me?”

    How do I endure this world… by not focusing on the negative parts of life, and letting it dictate my choices. I respond to failure, by learning and getting up, dusting myself off, and trying again… while laughing.

    The optimist expects the best outcome, the pessimist expects the worst outcome.
    The pragmatist-realist however sees life’s worst and decides to make it change into something better.

    My advice to you, is seriously asking God to show himself to you. Put aside reason, and all that you think you know about God… and try to reach out to him, and let Him reveal himself to you. This is not a joke, or a brush off.
    God said… Seek me with your Whole Heart, then you will find me.
    After you meet Him… you will know your purpose.
    Once you know your purpose… You won’t need me to give you any advice.

    You stated:
    “I have not harmed anyone, except maybe my parents. My dad says I should be “altrusitic” and recover for my mom’s sake.

    First off my parents committed a massive injustice on me by bringing me into this cruel world just to satisfy that monster gene- Moloch.”

    Is that whinning and crying I hear?
    Dude… you seriously need to MAN UP. Secondly… you conflate Moloch with something it isn’t. Lastly, you should take the time to enjoy the beauty of this world… the flora, fauna (and no I don’t mean the Zoo) and the incredible landscapes… because frankly… you sound like someone stuck in an “office space” cubicle who has lost touch with the beautiful gift that is called living on earth.

    You Ask:
    “What good would having a girlfriend do me?”

    Very little from a long term perspective. Living in sin, is really short sided.
    However having an excellent wife has a number of really great benefits.
    Do the research, and find out for yourself why exactly do married men have longer, healthier lifespans then bachelors.

    You Stated:
    “That is all I see in male-female relations and PUa science backs up my personal observations.”

    Its unfortunate that your experience is limited to the degree that it has tainted your observations. Spend a month with the Amish and you will see a very different sample of the human female; and a very different male/female dynamic then the “cruelty, domination, brutality and sadism” that you encounter at large in the USA. Try to spend time in the south pacific islands… it would be breathtakingly eye opening for you.

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