Ephebophile's Lolita Complex


I speak on controversial matters, and step on peoples hot buttons.

I still have some semblance of self-preservation.

To this end, I don’t give the mob my personal info. Even the Master Teacher, kept his own counsel more then not.

I have no desire for bloodshed or violence of any kind, especially with regard to my own body.

But most importantly  let it be understood I fear God, but I fear no man.

God chose a virgin, somewhere between 12-16 years of age to be the vessel of honor in giving birth to the Savior of mankind.

God makes no mistakes. He felt such a woman was sufficiently able to be a mother.

In fact, He designed the human body & mind, therefore He is beyond reproach in this matter.

I concur with His perfect wisdom and agree that the Woman is for the Man, and the Man is for the Lord. Consequently, its just, noble and correct to take for a wife such a one as this.  There remains a duty to obey the laws of the land, provided they are not in conflict with God’s higher law.


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