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Count your blessings, Ladies… the clock is almost run down.

Posted in Uncategorized by ephebophile on January 23, 2010

We live in an age where news around the world is delivered within an instant.  Bad news sells newspapers, but sometimes, they shouldn’t make a profit. Certainly, at least, when the profit is made out of  the suffering of pain, misery, and death of human beings.

Only one thing in my mind, is  more reprehensible:

The willful subjection of a group, confiscation of their goods and wholesale liquidation of  their existence that is… their very lives. I hate this part our human history:

The millions of Jews and other minorities under Adolph Hitler. Millions of Laotian and Cambodians under Pol Pot. The tens of millions (55) of Slavic peoples under Joesph Stalin. Over 100 million Asians under Mao Tsedoung.

Marxism is ULTRA lethal.

As is its offspring of “class warfare” out of which we get  “gender warfare”. In the west, we have been told to call it Feminism.

In its name 52 million unborn United States Americans have died, & its still killing. And I have no numbers for the millions dead, in other countries. At no time in history, has it ever been more hazardous to be created within a human womb.

Men are being systematically enslaved & destroyed, their livelihoods pillaged, their property confiscated, their reputations smeared, their honor questioned, and our utility & purpose demeaned.

Did the singer knowingly Lie or did he actually believe what he said was true when he sung:

I’m Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m Free. And I won’t forget the men who died

who gave that right to me. And I will gladly stand up, next you to, and defend her still today.

American Males are not Free.  They don’t recognize the front lines (in the bedroom, classroom, courtroom, & newsroom), and that this is not a life fire exercise. Its total war.

The truth is that we are asleep in a house that is burning down around our ears. We said our prayers, and went to bed and assumed ourselves safe in the arms of our wives, sisters & mothers. (pic related)